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Serving California State Employee's for over 20 Years

The challenges that state employees are faced with are unique. From pay cuts to furloughs to some benefits being suspended or slashed altogether- we understand how to work thru all of it in order to obtain a successful loan approval. Our marketing efforts and business philosophy are open to the public:   
  • Our business model says that we tell the truth at all times, at all costs.
  • We rely primarily on human interaction to obtain new business. No telemarketers, no direct mail, no radio or TV advertising. Our representatives are available only at California State Offices. Our reputation depends on personal interaction being a success thru and thru.
  • We do not facilitate high risk loans. Our lenders hold us to the highest standards when it comes to the integrity of the borrower. If we don’t think the overall borrower profile will be a good long term match for the lender, we won’t originate the loan.
  • Free Counsel. We will take the time to advise or counsel you even when you are not a good candidate for approval right now.  We are not in a hurry to make a sale. If we treat you right now, we believe you will come back to us later


Below are just a few of the State Office's we visit*:


* Not affiliated with nor officially endorsed by any California State Representative.  We are a privately owned business, licensed by the Department of Real Estate since 1997. Not one violation or complaint in that entire time.  License 01028616 NMLS 245504

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